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The Ultimate Business Planner for handmaidens

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The Ultimate Business Planner is back and now is double in size with a whopping 70 pages!!

As an entrepreneur, I have created, what I believe, is "The Ultimate Business Planner For Handmaidens!". After hours and hours of searching for a business planner to organise my handmade business I gave up and decided to create my own. I asked hundreds of handmaidens for their input across many fb pages and with all the positive feedback I received, I designed and developed the ultimate planner which has now sold over 1000 copies Australia wide since it was launched back in 2016.

The Ultimate Business Planner for handmaidens is a 70 page PDF document that you download instantly. It is completely editable and you are able to type into each page like a form. This planner has it all, everything you could possibly need to run and organize your small handmade business. The planner is designed to be printed out and be put into a folder that you can add pages to, print out as many as you need, and as often as you need them. The customer order form, for example, can be saved and emailed or printed out and added to your folder.

The planner is 100% EDITABLE, which means you can type directly into each page on your computer like filling in a form, you can also change titles and edit words to suit you!
You can print as many pages of each page as you like? I.e The Customer Order Form.
Also the "Item cost and sell sheet" will AUTOMATICALLY calculate your total item cost, including your paypal fees.... AND calculate your totals. This sheet will automatically tell you what you should sell your items at for a wholesale price and what your retail price should be, based on the information you input into your form!

Please ensure you have the latest version of Adobe installed before you download:

It is free - Download it here:

Your pdf file will be emailed to you to download once checkout has been completed. please ensure you download the entire planner to your desktop on a PC. Then open the Adobe PDF viewer first, and then open the Planner.


"I love it all the pages! It truely is the ultimate business planner for handmaidens. I especially love the cost calculator- it really made me evaluate my costing and profit margins. Amazing product that you will never regret purchasing." - Melanie F

"I am in love with the planner and tell everyone that they should buy it! My favourite pages are for the custom orders & the Brand Reps 😍" - Lisa W

"I love this planner, before I bought it I was so overwhelmed with starting my new sewing business but these pages made everything clear and simple. It saved me so much time. Thank you!" - Katrina C

"This planner has been amazing and helped me take the next step in my little business. I've loved the cost calculator.
Everything is easy to read and most of all such an affordable tool." - Sammie H

"I find the page that I use the most so far is the costings one. It is so easy to use and I love it automatically works out a price for you for both retail and wholesale." - Brooke A

"It's awesome! Love everything about it! I mostly use the costing pages, loops and order forms. It an amazing planner for its price! Love it!" - Stace P